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Did Nehru really call Indians ‘lazy’?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘washed’ the Congress in the Parliament of India. In his reply to the President in the Lok Sabha session on Monday, Modi said that Congress is responsible for the disorganized state of the opposition. It was time for them to be good opponents. Apart from this, he also criticized India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Modi criticized a speech given by Jawaharlal Nehru at Redfort in 1959. He said, ‘They (Congress) have always underestimated the people of the country. Nehru said, Indians do not work as hard as Europeans. They are not like Japanese, Chinese, Russian or Americans. They (Europeans) didn’t progress by magic. Had to work hard. They reached that place by using intelligence.’

Modi said, Nehru’s words show that the Congress thought Indians were lazy and stupid. Nehru did not have confidence in the performance of Indians. Indira Gandhi had the same attitude.

Did Jawaharlal Nehru really call Indians lazy? The words of India’s first Prime Minister on Independence Day in 1959 were again recalled by the media India Today.

On that day, Jawaharlal Nehru said, ‘There is no habit of hard work in India. It’s not our fault, this habit actually develops. But the truth is, we cannot work as hard as Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians and Americans. They (Europeans) didn’t progress by magic. By working hard, they have reached that place.’

Modi claimed that Nehru humiliated Indians by making comparisons without directly calling Indians lazy. He said, ‘Looking at the people of the Congress, everything is understood. Indira Gandhi did not understand Indians properly. He gave more importance only to Congress people.’

It is to be noted that in a speech in 1974, Indira Gandhi spoke about the complacency and defeatist attitude of Indians. He said, ‘Unfortunately, it is true that we have a tendency to get complacent after completing some part of the work. When difficult situations come, we lose hope. It seems that the entire nation has a defeated attitude. And that doesn’t solve the problem.’

Criticizing this statement, Modi said that this ruler was skeptical about the merits of Indians. He had no confidence in the ability of Indians.

Accusing the Congress of ‘nepotism’, Modi said, ‘We have no party of Rajnath Singh. Amit Shah has no party. Nepotism politics is dangerous for the country’s democracy. Two of a family can enter politics. 10 people come. welcome But the question is if that family runs the party… it is dangerous.’


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