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Dhawan lamented not being able to talk to his son for five months

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Zoravar completed nine years on December 26. He is the son of Shikhar Dhawan. As a father, the Indian batsman will wish his son on his birthday by sharing a photo on Facebook, it is a very normal thing. But the caption given by Dhawan with the picture, from the fans to the common Facebook users were shocked. The post of the emotional message instantly went viral in the net world.

Dhawan spoke about the controversial post after so long. The 38-year-old Indian opener said that he has been away from his child for almost a year. Not only that, he has not been able to talk to his son for almost five months.

Dhawan divorced Ayesha Mukherjee a year ago. However, the two separated two years ago. Ayesha started living separately with her son Zoravar and two daughters from her previous family.

Dhawan got the chance to meet his son only twice in this long time. But he has not been able to communicate with his son for the past five months. Meanwhile, Zoravar’s birthday came last December. Dhawan posted on Facebook through social media expressing his feelings on his son’s birthday. And the discussion started with the caption of that post.

Recently, Dhawan openly commented on the viral post in a podcast. He said there, he did not post that in the hope of going viral or with the intention of harming anyone.

Dhawan said, ‘(While posting) I was not in trouble. I just expressed my thoughts. It has been almost five months since I spoke to him (son). I just expressed my feelings. I am a very emotional person. Tried to express my love for her. If I get upset thinking about him, it can have a negative effect. I never thought that the post would go viral. I just wrote what came to my mind.’

Despite having so much passion for the child, the Indian batsman does not want to force a relationship, ‘Of course I posted with a hope. In this age of technology I am sure my child has already read the post. Wherever he is, may he be well. I hope he will visit me one day. I love him with all my heart. At the same time, I am completely separated from him. I don’t want to force him.’

Despite being separated from his child for almost a year, Dhawan’s love for his son has not decreased even a bit, ‘I send him messages every day. I don’t know if those messages are going to him or if he is reading them. But I’m not holding out any hope. I accepted it. I am a father and am trying to do my duty as such. i miss him i feel bad But I have to live like this.’

Since his separation from wife Ayesha, Dhawan has been able to meet his child only twice, that too for two to three-hour periods. But the Indian opener always wants the child by his side, ‘He was allowed to meet me only twice. That too for two-three hours only. I want my child by my side. I want to hug him.’


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