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Dhaka’s OCs were not transferred to other districts just because they were skill-tested: DMP

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Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) claims that the OCs of the capital Dhaka were not transferred to other districts because they were qualified. The DMP says that skilled and tested OCs are needed more in Dhaka so that no one can cause chaos during the elections.

The Election Commission (EC) has ordered the transfer of OCs who have been in the same workplace for more than 6 months in view of the 12th National Assembly elections. 33 OC of DMP falls under this. They have been transferred to different police stations within Dhaka. 11 of them have been in DMP for five to 10 years.

Generally there is a custom of transfer of OCs of police stations every one and a half to two years. But at least 21 OCs have remained in DMP for more than two years.

DMP spokesperson Dr. b. Mahid Uddin said, transfer is done by following many steps. An OC is transferred by following various steps such as how long his service is, whether he was as an inspector operation, what is his service experience in the police station, age limit.

DMP claims that the OCs of Dhaka are skilled and tested. They are more needed in Dhaka during elections. Therefore, he was transferred but not sent to another district according to the instructions of the commission.

Biplab Kumar Sarkar, Joint Commissioner of DMP, said that these skilled officers have been kept in Dhaka to suppress the saboteurs and conduct the upcoming elections properly. Experienced OCs have been given important responsibilities on the basis of competence.

The EC wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs on November 30 asking for the phased transfer of officers-in-charge (OC) who have been at work for 6 months. It is said that the Election Commission has decided to transfer the officers-in-charge (OC) of all the police stations in order to conduct the upcoming national elections smoothly. For this purpose, in the first phase, the OCs of the police stations who have completed more than 6 months of service at their current workplace, should send their transfer proposal to another district or elsewhere to the Election Commission by December 5.

The election commission extended the period of sending the list till December 8. Later, on December 7, 338 officers of the rank of Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Police were transferred.


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