Home News Dhaka-Chittagong highway: 1335 cameras are installed on the 250 km road

Dhaka-Chittagong highway: 1335 cameras are installed on the 250 km road

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The work of installing CC cameras with advanced technology artificial intelligence on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway is almost complete. Police believe that if 1500 CC cameras are installed on this highway of about 250 km, it will be possible to stop product theft, suppress crime and reduce accidents. Apart from this, sabotage attempts can also be prevented.

The project is being implemented by the Highway Police. They said it would make it easier to identify and thwart the plans of vandals on the highway. This measure is being taken to establish round-the-clock surveillance on the entire road through five control rooms.

This highway is a major concern for the transportation of export goods. According to the police information, in the last 10 years there have been more than 200 cases of theft of export goods here. Businessmen and transport owners have been demanding for a long time to take steps to prevent theft. In view of this, 1335 cameras have been installed on two and a half hundred kilometers of the highway. 92 more will be seated soon.

The cameras include high-performance long vision, dome and bulletproof. These will be controlled from five monitoring centers in Meghnaghat, Daudkandi, Feni, Mirsrai and Citygate areas. The main command center is at Meghnaghat.

The cameras will be controlled from five monitoring centers.  Photo: The IndependentTransport stakeholders have welcomed this initiative. Several drivers and transport officials said that the CCTVs will enable analysis of the vehicle’s speed after an accident. Through this, ordinary passengers will benefit except business people. They can do the work of bringing and taking products without thinking.

Sufiur Rahman, organizing secretary of Inter-District Goods Transport Company and Covered Van Owner Association, said, ‘Having a CCTV camera means being under surveillance. As a result of this vigilance, the highway police is protected and we can safely reach the destination of goods worth crores of rupees.’

Once the installation of CCTV cameras is completed, it will be possible to stop product theft, curb crime and reduce accidents.  Photo: CollectedHighway police chief. Shahabuddin Khan said, ‘There will be checkposts at several important places. There will also be more sophisticated AI-powered cameras in some places. Through these we will be able to inspect the highways and from there we will be able to do crime prevention or crime monitoring.’


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