Home News Development of planned villages should also be looked into: Minister of Public Works

Development of planned villages should also be looked into: Minister of Public Works

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Housing and Public Works Minister Ram Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury commented that apart from building planned cities, how villages can be built in a planned manner. He said this while talking to reporters while visiting the graves of his parents at the village house on Friday.

The minister highlighted the Prime Minister’s plan to protect arable land and planned villages. He said, ‘The Prime Minister told me about planned urbanization. I will try my best to fulfill the responsibility that has come to me as a human being at this age.’

Moktadir Chowdhury said, ‘Unplanned houses are being built in the villages. It should be seen that planned villages can be built there as well. The arable land of the village should not be wasted. Arable land is being destroyed. A lot of land is being lost, every year. We have to see how villages can be protected from this. Care should be taken to ensure that there are environmentally friendly houses in the village. I will try my best.’

Housing and Public Works Minister Yudahat Bir Muktijodha R.A.M Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury MP suddenly came to Brahmanbaria to visit the graves of his parents on Friday. Father Md. in the family cemetery in Chinair village after Friday prayers. He visited the graves of Abdur Rauf Chowdhury and mother Halima Khatun Chowdhury.

The minister offered Friday prayers at the mosque next to the house. Apart from seeking prayers, he also exchanged greetings with the devotees. Special prayers are organized for his parents in all mosques of the village.

Earlier, at 11 a.m. when the minister reached the Brahmanbaria Circuit House by road, the Deputy Commissioner said. Habibur Rahman and Superintendent of Police Mohammad Shakhawat Hossain welcomed him. A guard of honor was given to the minister there. Party leaders were present at the time. Later he went to the village house. While staying in the village for 3/4 hours, meet and talk with the people of the village and wander around the village roads.
This time, acting general secretary of the district Awami League. Mahbubul Bari Chowdhury Montu, vice president. Helal Uddin and others were present.

Newly appointed Minister of Housing and Public Works Ram Moktadir Chowdhury is a Member of Parliament elected four times consecutively from Brahmanbaria-3 (Sadar-Vijaynagar) Constituency. He came to the village house for the first time after becoming a minister on Friday.


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