Home Sports Details of Miguel Borja’s fight with Martín Demichelis in River Plate are leaked: "They separated them"

Details of Miguel Borja’s fight with Martín Demichelis in River Plate are leaked: "They separated them"

Details of Miguel Borja’s fight with Martín Demichelis in River Plate are leaked: "They separated them"

Lthe 2024 campaign has been exceptional for Miguel Ángel Borja in River Plate, scoring 11 goals in official competitions and being the scorer of the team led by Martín Demichelis. And although many thought that he was going to be called up to the Colombian National Team, the attacker was left aside by Nstor Lorenzo and would have ended up starring in a delicate fight with the same coach of the gaucho club.

And while Colombian ‘la Tricolor’ was playing a friendly with Spain in London and obtaining a victory for history, the scorer was on the substitute bench in the dispute of the friendly match pending in 2023. But despite the fact that the match was played by the ‘millionaire’ substitutes and against a team committed to the decline, The attacker had no minutes on the court and the score was a shameful 4-0 against..

Well That fall with Independiente and Rivadavia de Mendoza led to the Malvinas Argentina stadium locker roomDemichelis punished the players, announced that he was taking away their rest days prior to Easter and that led to Borja’s annoyance and protests.

What happened in the fight between Miguel Borja and Martín Demichelis?

In the following days there were reports from nearby journalists who stated that it was not a major problem, even denying the attacker’s annoyance. But journalist Pablo Carrozza explained that it took him almost a week to find out and verify the information he revealed last Thursday, March 28: “I wanted to look for information from different sources to, now, tell you what happened in River’s match against Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza”.

The press conference scheduled for that day, after the game, was suspended and there was a meeting between the squad and the coaching staff to inform them that the free days were being replaced by training days led by Martín Demichelis himself. That is why Miguel Borja’s aggressive response would have occurred, since His family had traveled from Colombia to accompany him in the days leading up to the FIFA date..

Carrozza said: “They are going to deny what I am saying, they are going to say: ‘There were no whistles, no one hit a locker room wall, no one had to separate Demichelis’…”and then began to give details on his YouTube channel, very frequently and with privileged information on this type of controversial and off-the-field issues: “He changes the entire organization chart they had for that weekend on FIFA date and tells them: ‘Guys, I know you had Saturday and Sunday off, let’s go train because this can’t happen’…”.

According to the same communicator, there were strong words and recriminations from the Colombian:

Borja does not raise his hand to say: ‘Mr. Demichelis, you are wrong’ but instead insults him, goes up in smoke and Borja says: ‘My family traveled from Colombia, we have a stipulated 2-day trip… I what I’m to blame if you didn’t even put me in?’

We cannot forget that the scorer was in doubt and highly criticized, since he had Lucas Beltrán and Salomín Rondín above him.. But when the first went to Fiorentina in Italy and the second disappointed and unexpectedly left for Pachuca in Mexico, Borja assumed the role of starting striker and with goals he earned the place.

However, That stage of substitution and preference for others had differences between the footballer and the coach, so much so that with the Colombian’s social media posts a bad atmosphere was created and they had to go out to clarify the issue. Something that continued to be covered up with goals and good results, but with the first setback, the scandal was revived again.

But Pablo Carroza continued with his revelations and stated: “River (the players) did not want to play, those were the coach’s words to his assistants”. But beyond the fact that those who were beaten were the substitutes and that Borja did not play, the situation went to the extreme due to the punishment and the lack of breaks: “(They came to) Stand face to face, throw hands, they separated them… The last ones, are the least important thing. If they threw 2 or 3 hands and if Borja and Demichelis are ‘hot’ and grabbed each other in the locker room, they are showing that they have blood”.

The journalist also explained that in the similar news with Boca Juniors a scandal would have broken out and that is why he decided to tell everything he knew, although he explained that the most delicate thing is the accumulation of problems and not the event itself: “Will it happen? It will happen. But it is not important what happened, but rather what is happening, which is a consequence of a relationship that is worn out.”. In Carroza’s story, he also filters that there were about 40 people in the River Plate dressing room witnessing the talk and subsequent incident, which is why details were known:

The Colombian was the one who said: ‘I brought the family from outside and you are doing this to me. It’s not my fault, the ones who lost were them (the substitutes)… But Borja is part of the squad and he has to take responsibility for the defeat despite not having played

Borja and Demichelis spoke after the problem

In the version that was known the other day of River’s humiliating defeat with the Mendoza team, they explained that it was a minor annoyance and that everything was fixed the next day in the training sessions imposed by the coach. Well, Carroza agrees with that, explaining that the start of the 2024 Copa Libertadores is the most important thing and that it would be the only title that would save the former Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Malaga player from leaving the Buenos Aires team: “In training on Saturday and Sunday, where there was a talk between Demichelis and Borja where they said: ‘Let’s all pull on the same side because the difficult thing is coming. We have to leave what happened behind’…”.

This supposed way of approaching was complemented by a publication on Instagram by Miguel Borja, showing a glass with the River Plate shield and implying that everything was fine. Likewise, to the outside of the club there was the image that the coach imposed his authority, but Carroza confirmed his version. “Everything rots in the locker room, face of cu… to return (from Mendoza)”.

And so that there were no doubts, the same communicator stated that the fights have been going on for some time and this is no coincidence:

Borja was the one who raised hell, in a relationship that is not right. If Borja scores a goal, possibly, he will hug Demichelis to show people that he knows, that he tells something or is in doubt (about what happened). They are going to hug each other, they are going to say that everything is fine, that they are friends and understand the coach… Things have been bad for a long time… Everything is for shit… What is the truth, the one they are going to tell us, the one they are going to come out to deny or the one that will be known in a year, perhaps, when Demichelis or Borja are not in River?

And warning that they could deny or contradict it, Pablo Carroza said that he has sources and that is why he came out to tell everything after a week of the events: “The story is as I tell it, things are bad, they had to separate Demichelis and Borja, the Colombian is very hot. This is the information I have and was able to gather, from conversations I have had with members of that locker room and people that was inside”.