Home News Despite getting equal points, Messi won the best of the year after defeating Holland

Despite getting equal points, Messi won the best of the year after defeating Holland

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Many people assumed that Arling Holland is going to win this year’s FIFA ‘The Best’. Especially since Lionel Messi did not come to the awards ceremony in London, they combined two by two and four. But when the name of the year was announced, everyone’s eyes were wild! This year’s FIFA ‘The Best’ was won by Argentine superstar Messi. Behind last year’s treble winner Holland and French striker Kylian Mbappe.

However, Holland had a great fight with Messi. Both were equal in the points list. Both got equal 48 points. Still, Messi topped last season’s treble winner to be named the best player of the year. Now the question may be, even if the two points are equal, how did Messi win ‘The Best’?

The FIFA Player of the Year is selected by national team coaches, captains, selected journalists and fans on the FIFA website. According to data published on the FIFA website, Messi was ahead of Holland in the national team captains’ vote. The Argentine star has 13 points (677 point score), while the Dutchman has 11 points (557 point score).

The Norwegian striker was again on the list of coaches’ preferences. There, Holland got 13 points (541 point score) and 11 points next to Messi’s name (476 point score). Man City’s goal machine is ahead in the polls of selected journalists.

Holland got 13 points (729 point score) and Messi 11 points (315 point score) in the media workers’ vote. Argentina’s World Cup-winning star was ahead in the vote of the fans. Messi got 13 points there (613293 point score), while Holland got 11 points (365893 point score).

In total, the points next to the names of Messi and Holland are equal to 48. In the absence of a gap, the result is decided as per Article 12 of FIFA ‘Rules of Allocation’. It is mentioned that, in case of equal points, the player with the first preference in the vote of the national team captains will go to the player of the year award. As such, Messi has been selected as ‘The Best’ this year.

How many captains of the national team put Messi as their first choice as the best player of the year, FIFA also said. The Argentine legend was the first choice five points from 107 captains. On the other hand, Holland was voted as the first choice by 64 captains.


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