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Dense fog may remain for another day or two, no danger of cold front

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The temperature has dropped across the country in the last few days. The minimum temperature in Chuadanga today is 10.6 degrees Celsius. Along with the drop in temperature, there may be dense fog in the northern regions and river basin areas for the next two days, the Meteorological Office said. However, at the end of the month there is no fear of cold weather.

Meteorologist today Friday. Tariful Newaz Kabir told this information to Independent Television.

This time, winter has descended all over the country before Poush arrives. Temperatures are close to 10 degrees in many northern districts. From midnight to dawn, various areas of the country including the capital are covered in thick fog.

Tariful Newaz Kabir said that the temperature may drop in another day or two. After that, the daytime temperature may rise again.

But by the end of this month, the temperature will drop further. However, weather forecaster Tariful Newaj also said that although the cold current was predicted earlier, there is no longer that fear.

Moderate to dense fog will continue in different parts of the country from midnight to morning for the next few days. The temperature may drop to 10 degrees Celsius in western and northwestern districts.

Meanwhile, the lowest temperature recorded in the last 24 hours was 10.6 degrees Celsius in Chuadanga and the highest temperature was recorded in Teknaf at 31.2 degrees Celsius till 6:00 am on Friday.


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