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Dengue patients are also detected in winter

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There is no escape from dengue. A summer-monsoon disease, dengue is also being detected in winter. About three hundred patients are still admitted across the country. In the last 20 years, so many dengue patients have not been seen in winter. Doctors say that this indicates that the form of the dengue virus has changed.

Every year there are no dengue cases at this time. But 12 people are still receiving treatment in the dengue ward of Mugda Hospital in the capital. Most of them are from Demra Sanpara area.

Patients say that first body shivering and fever is felt. Then severe headache and chills. Dengue was detected at the hospital. As the road and water lines are being rehabilitated in the area, the streets and surroundings remain dirty. That is why they think that the number of mosquitoes has increased.

The victims also say that they are seeing dengue in winter for the first time.

According to the information of the Department of Health, 607 people were diagnosed with dengue in the whole country this month. Four people died. But no dengue patient has died in January in the last 20 years. This time detection is almost 10 times more.

Professor Nazmul Islam, director of disease control of the Department of Health, said that renovation work is underway in various parts of the city. Also, the city’s waste disposal system is not that advanced. As a result, the reproduction process in the breeding place of mosquitoes is active throughout the year. Patients are increasing.

The whole country is shivering in severe winter. In many places the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius. Even then, the dengue infection does not stop. But Aedes mosquito needs a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius for propagation.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Professor Dr. Mustafa Zaman said that there have been many changes in the breeding process of the Aedes mosquito due to various mutations over time. Due to which one should be careful to avoid AIDS infection throughout the year.

Researchers say that dengue is no longer a summer or monsoon disease. Be careful throughout the year.


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