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Demands to look into sources of wealth and tax evasion of candidates

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The civil society representatives demanded to look into the sources of wealth and tax evasion of the candidates for the national elections. They made this demand at a discussion organized by the Citizen Platform for the implementation of SDGs at BRAC Center in the capital on Saturday afternoon.

Since 2008, the candidates have been submitting their wealth accounts to the Election Commission to participate in the national elections. Income tax documents have to be submitted this time due to legal obligations. These documents show that the wealth of many members of parliament has increased more than hundred times.

According to economists, elected MPs facilitate access to state resources. As a result, the wealth of many parliamentarians has increased.

Economists say it is the responsibility of the National Board of Revenue (NBR) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to look into the source of wealth. Criticizing the efforts of foreign powers in the elections, they said that no one can solve the problems of Bangladesh from across the Atlantic.

Debapriya Bhattacharya, convenor of the civic platform, said, ‘Someone from across the Atlantic will solve the problems of our country, it cannot happen. We have to solve the problems of my country. And for that I will be silent, I will be safe, and someone will come and fix everything – there can be no more wrong idea. We don’t believe that.’

Allegations have arisen that many candidates have concealed assets in their affidavits submitted to the Election Commission.

In this regard, the member of the core group of the citizen platform. Iftekharuzzaman said, ‘Excluding anything else, the candidature will be canceled due to concealment of information. And a precedent has been established that information has been withheld. He has accepted the information mentioned. The law says that the Election Commission can take action on its own initiative. The whole country knows, if we don’t know it won’t happen.

According to economists, inequality in the country may increase if accountability is not ensured.


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