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Demand not to privatize BTCL-Teletalk

by Afonso
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Bangladesh Cellphone Consumers Association has demanded that BTCil and Teletalk should not be privatized. The organization made this claim in a press release sent to the media.

According to the notification, the government has established various state institutions to ensure the desired services of the people as well as to protect competition in the market. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the state institutions to protect that no institution can create a monopoly or oligopoly. One of the objectives of which is that the government can ensure goods or services to the people at a fair price.

Earlier on Tuesday, State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Junaid Amhem Palak said that Teletalk, BTCL and Tesis will be given to private companies.

Protesting against this, President of Bangladesh Mobile Phone Consumer Association Mohiuddin Ahmed said that without investigating the corruption of Teletalk, BTCL and Tesis, the announcement of leaving these institutions to the private sector without punishing the responsible persons is very sad.

Mohiuddin said, if all these institutions under government control are closed, monopoly and oligopoly will be created in the market. One has to face extra money and harassment to get the service.

President of Muthofon Consumers Association said, “We expect the state institutions to work under the control of the government with the aim of creating market competition and providing services desired by the people, not in the private sector.”


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