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Delivery of food by horse because the bike runs out of oil

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Currently, the trend of ordering food online has increased in most countries of the world. After ordering from a specific app, the delivery staff delivers the food to the home. Food Panda app is very popular in Bangladesh, Zomato and Swiggy are also popular in neighboring India.

The demand for food delivery apps is increasing day by day. And with the growing demand, the responsibility of the food delivery workers is also increasing. The pressure to deliver food within a certain time is one of them. With that pressure in mind, a Zomato worker in Hyderabad, India delivered food on a horse.

The Times of India reports that a video of a Zomato delivery worker delivering food on horseback in Hyderabad has gone viral on social media. But why this worker suddenly left the bike and sat on the horse with a bag of food, this is the question of everyone.

Last Tuesday, the fuel crisis was created by the truck drivers’ strike in India. There were long lines outside petrol pumps in different parts of the country. Hyderabad was also in that list. But the food must be delivered to the customers on time. The worker who was in charge of delivering food ran out of petrol on his bike. Waited three hours straight outside the pump to get petrol. Without seeing any other way, he left the bike and decided to deliver the food on the horse.

Everyone on the streets of Hyderabad’s Chanchalgura area was surprised to see the scene of the man delivering food on his horse. Many people video this scene again. The video spread on social media. Apart from being surprised by this incident, many praised the worker’s dedication to work.


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