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DC-SP, ’embarrassed’ Shamim Osman did not come to the anti-drug event

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Member of Parliament of Narayanganj-4 Constituency AKM Shamim Osman has expressed his anger as Deputy Commissioner (DC) and Superintendent of Police (SP) of Narayanganj did not come to the discussion meeting organized against drugs. Mentioning that he will raise the matter in Parliament, he said, “I have never been so embarrassed in my political life.”

Shamim Osman said these things while participating in a non-political and social organization’s debut and exchange of views against drugs organized at the Osmani Stadium in Narayanganj on Saturday afternoon.

This member of parliament, discussed by Awami League, said, ‘Like my younger sister Ivy (Narayanganj City Corporation Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy), I cannot say anything directly to the administration. He said. He said a few days ago, the administration earns money from there.

Earlier, people from different professions spoke in the program and complained, ‘Here is a program against drugs, which should be done by the administration. They did not come again. Speakers want an answer as to why they did not come. Speakers also want Shamim Osman’s action in this regard.

In his speech, Shamim Osman said, ‘I informed the DC office long ago. The Home Minister congratulated me. People who are in Narayanganj should know that I am Shamim Osman. I don’t walk in the South at the mercy of anyone. I am a street person. I will raise this question in the parliament session why the members of the administration did not come. Why didn’t those who came to Narayanganj to do public service come here?’

Shamim Osman also said, ‘I have invited them. The government is Awami League. The administration did not come. What do I say to strengthen their minds? I also told Anwar bhai, he is out of the country for treatment. My little sister Ivy might be busy. I want everyone to come. Let’s sit together and leave beautiful Narayanganj together.’

Member of Parliament Shamim Osman said, ‘I am not a person to bow down. Many people do many things, we see. Money caught Jatrabari, a case was filed Fatulla. I don’t want to say these. Don’t be disappointed. This is our Narayanganj, we will decide.’

District Council Chairman Chandna Sheel, District Awami League General Secretary Abu Hasnat Md. were present among the representatives of various classes and professions of Narayanganj. Shahid Badal, General Secretary of Metropolitan Awami League Advocate Khokon Saha, President of Narayanganj Press Club Arif Alam Dipu, General Secretary Rafiqul Islam Jiban, President of District Journalist Union Abdus Salam, President of Journalist Owners Association Habibur Rahman Badal, President of Lawyers Association Hasan Ferdous Jewel and others.


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