Home Sports Dani Alves does not meet bail for now and will sleep the weekend in jail

Dani Alves does not meet bail for now and will sleep the weekend in jail

Dani Alves does not meet bail for now and will sleep the weekend in jail

Dani Alves He will sleep all weekend in the Brians 2 prison. The footballer’s defense has not deposited the million euros bail set by the Provincial Court of Barcelona for the footballer to be released from prison on provisional release. The deadline to do so initially ended at 2:00 p.m.but the court has decided to extend the deadline until 15:00. In any case, she has not been able to raise the money either.

The Brazilian footballer, in this way, will be in prison until at least Monday. Throughout the weekend an attempt will be made to materialize the bail. The player’s defense, led by the lawyer InĂ©s Guardiola, has tried to obtain a loan with the guarantee of the Treasury debt to Dani Alves of nine million euros. Nevertheless, The efforts, for the moment, have not been fruitful.

Everything makes one think, following the extra time what the lawyer has requested today, that on Monday the million euros of bail can be presented at the court secretariat, despite the fact that this point is not confirmed by the international’s lawyers. That is, it is not ruled out that the next Monday March 25th Dani Alves yes he finally gets out of jail after a few 14 monthssince his entry last January 20, 2023.

Alves’ two passports, withdrawn

Besides the bail of one million eurosthe court’s resolution established that the footballer had hand over your two passports, the Spanish one and the Brazilian one, to obtain provisional release and reduce, according to the criteria of the magistrates, the risk of flight. In addition, he is prohibited from communicating or approaching the victim. It is also stipulated that he must appear weekly in court to sign.

Let us remember that Alves has been sentenced to four years and six months in prison for sexual assault with penetration. The ruling is not final and all parties have resorted to Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia. Furthermore, in the event that the decision of this body does not satisfy any of the parties, they could still go to the Supreme Court.


The setback of the Neymar family

One of the great assets of Dani Alves to get out of jail was the help of the Neymar family. At the beginning of the process, when there was still no conviction, the father of Neymar yes he gave him 150.000 euros which later served as a mitigating circumstance to reduce the sentence. However, the Neymars have stated, through a statement, that after the sentence the scenario changes and they will not help the footballer.