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Dance talent hunt in Sydney

by Afonso
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Nrityanjali Dance Academy is a pure culture organization based in Sydney. For the past 20 years, the organization has been organizing songs, stage plays, shruti plays, lyrical design, choreography, puppetry, Dol Poornima, Mahalaya, Kali Puja, Iftar Party, Eid Punarmilani, Holikhela, Vasant Utsav, Barsvarana and other national cultural events.

Nrityanjali is going to take an exceptional initiative in 2024. There is a lot of talent hidden in the home of Bengalis in Australia. Nrityanjali is going to organize a reality show titled “In search of talent Nrityanjali 2024” to find and recognize this latent talent in music and dance. Yesterday Monday on this occasion, Nirityanjali Dance Academy organized a discussion meeting with traditional music and dance artists of Sydney.

Rajesh and Moushumi Saha are managing and producing this show. Shahe Zaman Titu is in the main planning and main sponsor. Ratan Kundu will coordinate and direct the entire event. His Excellency, Atiq Helal, Dr. Ehsan, Afrina Mita, Amiya Matin, Roksana Begum, Suparna Mukherjee and Anulekha Pandit. And the dance judging will be conducted by Moushumi Saha, Arpita Som Chowdhury, Moumita Chakraborty and Meghla Talukder of Nrityanjali Dance Academy. In his speech at the preparatory meeting, Ratan Kundu highlighted the overall aspect of the program.

In the event, all of the judging panel urged the Bengali community of Sydney to extend their hands of participation, help and support. Apart from this, the President of Ekushe Academy, Architect Abdul Matin and Rajesh Saha gave a welcome speech. Moushumi Saha, Rajesh Saha and Ratan Kundu are requested to contact Moushumi Saha, Rajesh Saha and Ratan Kundu for participation and general information. After the ceremony everyone was treated to dinner.


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