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Crowds of visitors in tourist centers during holidays

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At the beginning of the tourist season centered on the Great Victory Day and the weekend, the number of tourists has increased in the tourist centers. Due to the prolonged strike and blockade, the tourism business has suffered a downturn, but once again, life has returned to 3 hill districts, including Cox’s Bazar, around the beach. Most of the hotels and resorts are already booked.

Many tourists have flocked to Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata by the sea. Tourists started coming to tourist centers from Friday. The beach becomes crowded in the afternoon. The members of the tourist police are active in the overall security of the tourists.

Almost every place including Kalatali Point is teeming with algae and thousands of tourists. They are happy to have the opportunity to travel with friends and family.

Housewife Masuma Akhter, who was visiting on vacation, said that since the children’s exams were over and the husband’s Victory Day holiday coincided, they came to visit the sea.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists has increased in various places of Khagrachari and Sajek Valley as it is a weekend holiday along with Victory Day. Alutila’s mysterious tunnels, hanging bridges, Tareng, Richang waterfalls are crowded with tourists everywhere. On the occasion of Victory Day, tourists get a ticket-free entry to Alutila, the main tourist center of the district.

Tourists have also increased in Sagarkanya Kuakata, a unique tourist destination for watching sunrise and sunset. Tourist police busy with security.

Kuakata Tourist Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Hachnain Parvez said that the police have taken all measures to ensure that tourists can travel safely during this tourist season.

Rangamati suspension bridge, Polwell Park also saw extra tourists during the Victory Day holiday. Many people also go on boat trips in Kaptai Lake.


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