Home News Cristina Pedroche, excited again: “I’m glad that the hate I receive is worth something”

Cristina Pedroche, excited again: “I’m glad that the hate I receive is worth something”

Cristina Pedroche, excited again: “I’m glad that the hate I receive is worth something”

Cristina Pedroche has built a personal brand thanks to her active presence on social networks. The presenter and influencer has repeatedly shared her projects on her “Instagram” profile, as well as advice and many intimate moments with her husband Dabiz Muñoz. However, in the last year what has been most heard about her has been the criticism, which has increased as a result of becoming the mother of little Laia, which has led her to consider stepping away from the networks for a while.

It seems that this Tuesday has started with a totally different tone and Pedroche has not hesitated to thank. In her profile she has shared a story in which she has shown the latest things she had bought to stimulate her little girl’s development. Among them some interactive books, a box of strings and a “triangle” that Laia uses to climb and walk because “she doesn’t like crawling”the presenter has acknowledged.

The toys that Cristina Pedroche buys for her daughter
The toys that Cristina Pedroche buys for her daughterInstagram

After many messages asking where the toys were from, Cristina rescued one from a future mother: “Today you also suggested that I cry, but with emotion. Thank you,” she said excitedly. In the message she thanked him for making her think about the possibility of “having a respected birth in a birth center within a hospital”. The follower, despite being a doctor and having “a significant bias,” began to be interested in the steps the presenter took prior to having Laia. She finally opted for this type of birth and wanted to thank Cristina Pedroche directly for her influence. “You don’t know how much reading you helps me. It helps me because I am very happy for you and because the hate I receive is worth something.. Everything is going to be great. Trust your baby and your body. The truth is that you make me envious. I would give birth again today“, she says, excited that her experience has been beneficial for another woman.

The presenter thanks the support
The presenter thanks the supportInstagram

But it was not the only one of the day, as another mother, with a baby a month younger than Laia, thanked her for being “so up to date” and accompanying her from a distance in the gestation of her child. In fact, many of the things she recommends and the toys she buys for her little one come from the influencer herself. “You excite me. Thank you very much indeed“, he responded on this occasion

Cristina Pedroche
Cristina PedrocheInstagram

And the emotion of receiving positive messages without her having actively done anything at this moment has been such that she could not help but show her joy for the rest of the day: “Song to make me feel better: ‘Perfect Balance’“, he said in his next publication in which he appeared dancing, very smiling for what today’s day has in store for him.