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Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka railway ticket black market case

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Recently, a media report on the black market of Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka railway tickets came to the attention of the court and the court spontaneously filed a case. And taking the matter seriously, the court ordered the RAB-15 captain to investigate.

After reviewing the report published last Friday on an online portal called The Territorial News TTN entitled ‘Trace black market of railway tickets in Cox’s Bazar’, the case was filed on Sunday in the court of Senior Judicial Magistrate Sreegyan Tanchangya.

Officer Hasibul and two of his associates of e-ticketing portal Sahaj.com have been accused in the case. RAB-15 has been given the responsibility to investigate where the train tickets are going, whether there is black market under the control of any syndicate or not, who is involved in it.

The court mentioned in the review of the case, the analysis of TTN’s report shows that the Cox’s Bazar train tickets are being distributed in the hands of the black market, causing suffering to ordinary citizens in getting the tickets. Along with this, it is necessary to determine through preliminary investigation who is committing the crime by mentioning the detailed names and addresses of ticket black marketers, and to identify the accused through investigation whether any official or employee of Sahaja.com is involved in it.

In view of this, RAB is asked to give an investigation report within the next 15 days.

The TTN reporter was also asked to testify in the case. Reporter Abdur Rashid Manik informed the court about the maximum cooperation from TTN in view of the public interest report.

Senior Assistant Director (Law and Mass Media) in charge of RAB-15 Cox’s Bazar office. Abu Salam Chowdhury said that the order of the court has not reached yet. RAB will investigate properly.

Meanwhile, District Public Prosecutor Faridul Alam thanked the court for voluntarily filing a case on the news broadcast in public interest.

He said that common people are suffering because a syndicate is distributing these tickets. Which came to the notice of Sreegyan Tanchangya as a Magistrate under Section 190 (1) (c) of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898. The court felt that the investigation is necessary as there is a suspicion that a crime is being committed under Section 25 of 1974.

Meanwhile, the chief editor of The Territorial News-TTN Zaheed Sarwar Sohail said, ‘TTN believes in objective journalism. As well as social disharmony – which is in conflict with public interest, we want to boldly highlight it.’


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