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Court permission will be required to go abroad. of Yunus

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Dr. to go abroad while the case is pending. The High Court has ordered that Muhammad Yunus must first inform the court. Alleged violation of labor laws. The High Court has ordered that the Labor Court’s sentence against Yunus be reinstated.

At the same time, a rule has been issued seeking to know why the order of the Labor Appellate Tribunal suspending the sentence should not be cancelled.

A double bench led by Justice Nazrul Islam Talukder gave this order along with the rule. The High Court also ordered the speedy disposal of Yunus’ appeal hearing against the sentence.

Khurshid Alam Khan, a lawyer of the Directorate of Factory Inspection, said, “The High Court has said, OK, whenever he goes abroad, the court should be intimated.” That is, the court must be told. To be informed means a permission of the court is required. And the ruling has been given, that portion which has been suspended today by the High Court Division, why should that order not be cancelled.’

Earlier, Dr. Alleged violation of labor law. The Third Labor Court of Dhaka sentenced 4 accused including Muhammad Yunus to 6 months of unpaid work. Later Dr. Following the application of Yunus, the Labor Appellate Tribunal suspended the sentence and granted bail to the four accused till March 3.

It was reinstated following a petition filed by the Directorate of Inspection of Factories and Establishments challenging the validity of the decision to suspend the sentence. The accused will have to inform the court if they want to go abroad before the disposal of the appeal, but their bail will remain intact.


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