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Countries that can be visited without a visa next year

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From next year, all countries of the world will be able to visit the African country of Kenya without a visa. The country’s President William Rutto announced this in a speech given on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of independence from the United Kingdom on December 12. This information was reported in the report of the American broadcaster CNN.

President William Rutto said his government has created a digital platform. Instead of applying for a visa, interested tourists can go to this platform and get travel approval.

The Kenyan president said, ‘People from any part of the world will no longer have to bear the burden of visas to come to Kenya.’

Rutto has been trying to make the African continent visa-free for a long time. In a conference in Congo last October, he said that after 2023, people from African countries will no longer need a visa to come to Kenya. Now he has made this arrangement for the people of all countries of the world.

The tourism sector plays a major role in Kenya’s economy. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean coast while traveling in the country. Apart from this, there is also an opportunity to enjoy safari.


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