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Counter press conference on election attack-vandalism in Manirampur

by Afonso
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During the election campaign in Jessore-5 (Monirampur) constituency, a press conference was held in response to the attack and vandalism. Yakub Ali, the independent candidate who complained at the Jessore Press Club on Thursday afternoon, and State Minister for Cooperatives Swapan Bhattacharya, the boat candidate, held these press conferences at the Monirampur Awami League office in the afternoon.

In the press conference, independent candidate Yakub Ali complained and said, ‘Terrorists have attacked my workers and supporters three times in the last 3 days. At least 14 to 15 people were injured. Several cars and motorcycles were vandalized. So far, the environment for conducting fair and peaceful elections has not been created in Manirampur.’

This candidate said, ‘Even though my poster and the boat candidate’s poster are the same size, I am being fined while he is being exempted. Wherever we go, we face non-cooperation from the administration.’

On the other hand, State Minister for Cooperatives Swapan Bhattacharya said, ‘The independent candidate himself is destabilizing the election situation. They themselves staged attacks to spread propaganda. Administration runs at its own pace. They are not weak enough to listen to me and work for me.’

The state minister also said, ‘Doing this means degrading the government. Undermining the electoral system. And providing the logistics of the way foreigners are running disinformation about Bangladesh elections.’

Incidentally, Yakub Ali’s convoy was attacked at Mathurapur Junction in Kashimnagar Union on his way back from public relations on Wednesday night. At that time, the terrorists detonated several cocktails. 6 motorcycles and 2 microbuses vandalized. At least 8 people were injured in this incident. Allegations of the attack have been made under the leadership of the current Member of Parliament Cooperative State Minister Supriya Bhattacharya.


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