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Cough syrup is banned in India for children under 4 years of age

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In India, the government has banned anti-cold drugs or cough syrups for children under the age of four. Although this guideline was issued on December 18, it was made public yesterday on Wednesday.

At least 141 children from different countries have died after consuming Indian-made cough syrup in recent years, according to Indian media NDTV. Several children died in India too due to the effect of this syrup. In such a situation, the regulatory body of India decided to use cough syrup for children under four years of age.

India’s regulatory body has directed drug manufacturers to use labels as per the ban from now on. That is, from now on, this drug is not safe for children, as a special warning should be written on the bottle of cough medicine.

A discussion raised concerns about the promotion of unauthorized cold medicines or cough syrups, the agency said. After discussion, it is recommended to ban these syrups for children below a certain age.

The recommendation was originally made in the wake of child deaths in India since 2019, linked to ‘toxic’ cough syrup produced in India. In the middle of last year, at least 141 children died in Zambia, Uzbekistan and Cameroon after consuming Indian-made cough syrup. After that incident, questions were raised about the quality of drugs exported from India.

India is often called the ‘Pharmacy of the World’ due to its supply of life-saving medicines at low cost. However, the Drug Regulatory Authority of India said at least 12 children died in India after consuming these syrups and four children were crippled after consuming the home-made cough syrup.

The authorities said, taking into account all the complaints, they have introduced mandatory tests for the export of cough syrup from June this year. Besides, the list of drug manufacturers is also being scrutinized.


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