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Cottage Skewer Platter with Cheese

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A little salty, a little sweet. Its presence can make any food appetizing. You can make fancy dishes with this cheese. The item can be great for breakfast. Searched for Cottage Cheese Skewer Platter Recipe Home Chef Soma Jahanред

whatever it takes
Paneer 150g, baby corn heads 25g, harissa paste 20g, black pepper paste 10g, salt to taste, pepper powder to taste, oil 30ml, butter 20g, fresh cream 20ml, pineapple juice reduction white vinegar 2ml and pineapple chunks 30 grams.

How to make
Paneer or cottage cheese should be cut into batons (long pieces). One piece will be around 30 grams. In a bowl mix the cheese and baby corn heads with the chilli batter, salt and pepper powder and marinate for an hour. Rub the cheese on the satay stick and add one baby corn head at a time. Now heat oil in a grilled pan. Grill the cheese sticks one by one. Arrange the cheese sticks one at a time on a boat plate. Serve topped with pineapple butter sauce.

How to make pineapple butter sauce
To make the pineapple butter sauce, add butter to a pan. When the butter melts, stir the pineapple chunks into the butter. When the pineapple is a little soft, stir it with white vinegar, fresh cream, amount of butter. When mixture thickens, stir in pineapple juice reduction, salt to taste, and pepper powder. Mix all the ingredients well.


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