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Consumer rights will track onion traders’ phones

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The National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection has asked to track onion traders’ mobile phones to stop price manipulation. This was informed in a meeting of the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection on Wednesday morning about the prices of daily commodities including onions.

AHM Safikuzzaman, Director General of the organization said, ‘I want the engagement of those who are in our business community. We cannot do one unilaterally without your engagement, without your participation. We hope you will take responsibility and do what you can to prevent those who are doing this from doing it again.’

Almost all of the onions imported into Bangladesh come from India. Last Friday, the country banned the export of onions for three months.

India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade has said that there will be a ban on onion exports till March 31 next year.

Due to the increase in the price of onion, India decided to increase the export price on October 29. Although this restriction was given till 31st of this month, it was extended for another three months.

It was said in the previous instructions that onions can be exported to any country in the world. However, the minimum price of onion per ton should be kept at 800 dollars. Transport and insurance costs are not included in this price.

After the announcement of India’s export ban, onion prices doubled overnight in the country’s market. Although there is no shortage of local or foreign onions in the market.

But the reason for the unusual price hike is not being traced. Onion dealers in Shyambazar said that immediately after India’s announcement, the exporters of that country informed the importers of Hili, Benapole and Bhomra. Tell the SMS to increase the price. Importers then spread the message to their own agents. Everyone simultaneously increases the price of onions.

Director General of Consumer Rights said, ‘The normal formula of economy does not work in Bangladesh. When the price of something goes up, people want to buy it.’

At this time, he urged consumers not to give opportunity to dishonest traders.

Officials of the Tariff Commission said on the occasion that to implement the fixed prices in the retail market, the awareness of traders is essential. He was also warned that strict action would be taken if not.

Meanwhile, due to the campaign, the price of onion has fallen by another Tk 20 per kg in the capital’s caravan market. Desi new onion is being sold at 80 taka and old onion at 120 taka. And Indian onion is being sold at Tk 110 per kg.


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