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Consumer rights will take tough action against SMS cycle

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AHM Shafiquzzaman, Director General of Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, has warned that strict measures will be taken against the SMS cycle that destabilizes the market of daily essentials. He said this to reporters after visiting the rice market in Barisal on Saturday.

Shafikuzzaman said, they spread various rumors through SMS and destabilized the market of daily commodities including rice. They will be eradicated.

The Director General of Consumer Rights said that those who blame the increase in the price of rice are lying. Because it will take at least three more months for the new price of paddy rice to come to the market.

Shafikuzzaman said that consumer rights will always be in the field for market monitoring to control commodity prices. He said, ‘We will work on new strategies to prevent the increase in commodity prices during Ramadan. This time we will look for the cause of the increase in commodity prices.’

At this time, the businessmen claimed that it is not possible to sell rice at one price in the whole market. For the sake of buying and selling in the daily market, the price has to be reduced and sold. In that case, they demanded to apply the consumer rights law according to the reality.

Later, Shafiquzzaman exchanged views with all the traders in the rice market.


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