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Consumer rights will be strict to control the market in Roja

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The National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection will be in a strict position to control the market ahead of the upcoming fasting month. All kinds of products have been supplied around Ramadan in the last two months. This was said by the Director General of the Directorate General of Consumer Rights Protection in Barguna after the campaign to control the market. H. M. Safikuzzaman.

At this time. H. M. Safikuzzaman also said that the supply of all types of products is normal. Consumers can buy products at fair prices only if they can control the marketing system. The market situation will be kept normal by strictly cracking down on dishonest traders.

Earlier, the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection started raids from rice mills on Alia Madrasa road in Sadar at 10 am. The campaign was led by the director general of the national organization. H. M. Safikuzzaman. He supervised the market in Madrasa road and Kazi Nazrul Islam road, Dharmatala area of ​​the district. At this time, he warned six traders.

Additional Director General, Deputy Commissioner and officials of District Consumer Rights Protection Directorate were present in the drive. After the campaign, he held a meeting with the leaders of the merchant association at the port club. After that, he participated in the workshop on Edible Oil Enrichment in the joint initiative of Barguna District Commissioner’s Office Consumer Directorate.


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