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Constant’s New Song ‘Sadakalo’

by Afonso
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Constant is releasing a new song titled ‘Sadakalo’ on the occasion of New Year. It is being released on the band’s YouTube channel today at 6 pm.

In 2014, Constant’s songs ‘Swapnamichili’, ‘Meghbalika’ and ‘Kshama’ were well received by the audience. After that, the band’s song ‘Swadynta’ took place in the country’s largest 71 band mixed album ‘Uhr 71’.

Band coordinator and bassist Ahmad Mustafa Aqeeq said, “Our band has faced many adverse situations in the last 3 years. The covid situation and our guitar player Bhushan’s premature departure to the country of no return forever after battling cancer was a big shock for us. We were all mentally broken after this incident, but the song ‘Sadakalo’ is our attempt to turn grief into strength. And since our band members all grew up in the 90s, the new song has the melodic vibe of the band’s music of that time. Hopefully, the audience will accept this song well.”

Rock genre Constant Band was born in 2005. The current lineup consists of Jeevan (Lead Guitar), Rabbi (Drums & Vocals), Eamon (Lead Voice) and Akiq (Bass Guitar).


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