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Consciously and unconsciously, many have gone viral

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Zayed Award
Zayed Khan, the famous hero of Dhakai movie, received an award from the ‘Institute of Public Policy and Diplomacy Research’ in the United States last July. The organization gives ‘The Humanitarian Platinum Leadership Award’ to those who work for harmony, peace and sustainable development in their respective places. Among the 40 citizens of the world, Zayed Khan himself was in that list. However, several media headlines, Zayed received an award from the United Nations! Tarja started with the matter. Blitz, a portal dealing with contemporary international issues, started verifying the authenticity of various discussions. They also contacted the United Nations authorities to know the matter. Reportedly, the UN headquarters auditorium was just rented.

Women stop Zayed
‘What stops women’ trend in social media discussion. While answering a question on this issue, the hero Zayed Khan said, ‘Women actually stop Zayed Khan. And Zayed Khan stops the beautiful woman.’ He also had to get a lawyer’s notice for answering questions from television journalists and YouTubers. The notice said that Zayed’s speech was demeaning and demeaning to women.

Sadness of not being able to kill the king ripper four
The ‘Celebrity Cricket League’ was organized for the first time in September. Unpleasant things happen in this league. Clashes between the players of the two teams were intense. During the game of filmmaker Mustafa Kamal Raj and Dipankar Dipan’s team, the tension between the teammates of the two teams on the field went beyond. Actress Raj Reaper allegedly raised hands on producer Mustafa Kamal Raj and actor Shariful Raj. He told the reporters in a tearful voice, ‘The match that has happened… you will see it live, I am hitting a four, it is a four, but the management did not give it. Because the management cheated the thief, the thief is Mustafa Kamal and Raihan Rafi. They want to ruin our career, but they can’t. Raj Reaper will ruin careers, can’t. I have come to this place with great difficulty.’ The actress said, ‘Off course’ when asked if she had any injuries on her body. Then the unrequited ripper’s cry became quite viral.

Shireen kisses Shila unsolicited
Fans sometimes do various things for their favorite star. Sometimes the stars also try to fulfill the demands of the fans. And because of this many times they have to fall into embarrassing situations. Actress Shirin Sheela was in such a situation during the shooting of the movie ‘The Writer’ in Dhamrai, Dhaka in May. A fan suddenly hugs and kisses the actress in public while talking to her. Sheela said, ‘Seeing him, I felt unbalanced. But then he tries to kiss.’

Zayed Khan is Viral’s grandfather
One of the most discussed and criticized activities of this year is Zayed Khan’s sudden digbaji. Although the first one was strange, Zayed Khan has now made it a regular currency of dance. Apart from the stage, Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s ‘Something Like An Autobiography’ was promoted while he was termed as the grandfather of viral. When, when and how this ‘Mudra’ was first staged – Zayed also told. It is known that Zayed Khan’s ‘diamond’ brain’s immediate response is the origin of this digbaazi. He said that he danced on the stage in an event without planning. And that goes viral. Since then, Zayed Khan has come to the discussion about Digbaji. It has become a staple of his performance.

Lubabar Kende Dewa
Child artist Simreen Lubaba was trolled for her comments on social media. Reacting to the premiere of ‘Mujib: Shaper of a Nation’, he said, ‘Kende dihin’. In fact, many people started trolling and roasting! With which Lubaba and her family had to go to the DB office.

Looking like a wow
At the end of the year, you can hear ‘So Beautiful, So Elegant, Just Looking Like A Wow’ on social media. Recently this dialogue became a social trend. Deepika Padukone, Malaika Arora, Ranveer Singh, Nusrat Jahan—who is not in this list! It has even spread to distant America. Nick Jonas is also seen sharing a photo with Priyanka Chopra saying, ‘Just looking like a wow’. Bangladeshi actors are also affected by this trend. Especially, many of the actresses are saying ‘…wow’ in captions of pictures or videos on social media pages.

Viral video of Raj Pari
Some pictures and videos were leaked from Shariful Raj’s Facebook. While Raj, Sunerah bint Kamal and Tanzin Tisha are found in unattached condition. Pari Mani severely criticized the matter. He said that because of Sunera, his and Raj’s family may break. Where it can be seen, Sunerah-Raj-Tisha is sitting on a bridge in the capital at midnight. The conversation between them was very inaudible. In another video, Raj-Sunerah can be seen sitting in a bar. And both are drunk. In two more videos, they are seen walking along an empty road at midnight. It was clear in their words that he was not normal at that time. The video was deleted from Raj’s Facebook 17 minutes after it was published. Soonerah later expressed regret about the matter.

Conflict between Tanzin Tisha and journalists
Rumors spread on November 16, actress Tanzin Tisha tried to commit suicide because of love with actor Mushfiq Farhan! Channel 24 journalist Mazharul Islam Tamim wants to talk to Tisha to know the matter. During the conversation, he threatened to ‘blow up’ the journalist. Admitting his mistake, Tisha posted on Facebook asking for forgiveness the next day. Later that post was also deleted. On the afternoon of November 20, Tisha made a complaint of cyber bullying to the DB in the name of that journalist. Later, entertainment journalists organized a protest rally on November 21 to protest against the unprofessional speech and actions of the actress. When the matter was settled, Tisha expressed regret.


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