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Congress and judges will stop the “Catalan quota”

Congress and judges will stop the “Catalan quota”

ERC ha started rolling the ball of «Catalan quota» for distract the attention of Carles’ prominence Puigdemont in the Catalan election campaign.

It is a ball in which the PSOE will play in the future If you are interested in handling it guarantee are stability in Madrid or en Cataloniaif there are results in the regional elections that would allow the PSC to comply with the Pedro Sánchez’s goal to become President of the Generalitat. But, in practice, it is a proposal that is not in the hands of a pact between the independence movement and the PSOE.

The reality is that within this autonomous framework the independentists Catalans have in front and wall what would brake his demand for romper with the principle of territorial equality, even even if they came to agree advance in that address con Moncloa.

Los regional presidents of the PPor the socialist Emiliano García-Page, they count con political instruments y legal for fight and overthrow this “Catalan quota.”

“They are fireworks because there are judicial and constitutional remedies”. All regional presidents, whatever the government, would use them to confront this fiscal pact that takes Catalonia out of the common regime.

“The political debate ignites and we all enter the game, ignoring that the State has its defense mechanisms”they specify at technical levels of the Ministry of Finance.

Furthermore, the PSOE would have a problem in Parliament if he closes an agreement with ERC and Junts on this matter. To develop it they need Modify the Organic Financing Law of the autonomous communities, and also, surely, several laws tax. And it would open debate from Constitutional reformgiven that the Magna Carta includes only the specific case of the Basque Provincial Councils y Navarrese.

[[QUOTE:PULL|||BNG, Chunta o Compromís difícilmente seguirían a Sánchez en esta dirección ]]

Modifying an organic law requires absolute majorityand that is where Moncloa would find himself with another big stumbling block to satisfy its partners because this fiscal pact in favor of Catalonia would count hardly with the support from other groups that are integrated into Sumar such as commitment y Chunta. Y neither with that of nationalist parties such as Canarian Coalition or the BNG.

In any case, when some regional president qualifies the requirement of “fireworks” no it means that reduce the relevance of the debate which has regained strength with the Catalan campaign and the political and electoral rivalry between Puigdemont and ERC.

Las autonomous alarms are litand the president of the Generalitat, Peter Aragonés, made them even hotter yesterday in Madrid when he presented the Catalan quota as a milestone prior to negotiating a referendum. He also warned the Prime Minister that he must come to the table to discuss his Catalan concert proposal if he wants to keep the Spanish legislature alive.

This requirement was in it investiture pact negotiated with the independentists, and ERC now claims it within a roadmap that, as you remember, consists of amnesty, Catalan concert and, as final stage, the referendum. The same one that Junts also defends and that predictably will be in the speech the rally that hoy pronounce Puigdemontafter the Republicans have tried to get ahead of him in this first week of the electoral pre-campaign.

If ERC and Junts are not bluffing in their proclamation that the Catalan quota is a essential condition for the legislature to continue Spanish, or the PSOE and the pro-independence parties are playing to deceive each other, or they are playing to deceive the citizens together, because Moncloa knows just as well as the regional presidents and the cCatalan government would require a parliamentary majority which it does not have, unless look for the trap, under ropefor inject resources without the established legal channelwhich is the reform of the LOFCA.

Catalonia It’s a community systemic for him weight that your economy has in the entire autonomous framework, and its salida of the common regime for manage all the taxes generated by their population, paying an amount in exchange for the services provided by the statewould create a unsustainable situation.

First, The other communities would rush to demand the same, but, in addition, the part of the collection that Generalitat would retain from the common resources should be subtracted of which now receive the othersautonomies that are also part of the common regime. I would break the Tax agency and the unique box of the collectionis outside the Constitution, and would lead to widening inequalities between regions.