Home News Conflicts between Turks and Kurds in Belgium are intensifying, the prime minister calls for calm

Conflicts between Turks and Kurds in Belgium are intensifying, the prime minister calls for calm

Conflicts between Turks and Kurds in Belgium are intensifying, the prime minister calls for calm

A series of skirmishes between Turks and Kurds took place in the east of Belgium. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo therefore called on Wednesday for the calming of mutual conflicts. AFP informs about it.

“We ask everyone to calm down, stop provocations and continue living together as we have done for decades in our country,” De Croo said.

“Let’s stop these expressions of support for organizations classified as terrorist,” he told reporters, referring to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Ankara and its Western allies, including Belgium, have banned the PKK as a terrorist organization.

De Croo added that Belgium is “monitoring the situation closely because there will be other key moments in the coming days”, referring to Turkey’s municipal elections on March 31.

The biggest riots took place on Sunday 24.3. The Turkish Foreign Ministry accused the PKK of provoking the clashes in Limburg. However, the council representing Kurdish groups in Belgium said that a Kurdish family originally from Syria was “brutally attacked” by the Turkish ultra-nationalist organization Gray Wolves.

On the night from Monday to Tuesday, another incident took place in a cafe in the town of Visé, in which “anti-Turkish” attackers with baseball bats injured several people.

On Monday, Kurdish groups protested in front of the European Parliament in Brussels as part of a response to the weekend riots. Their demonstration turned violent. Police used a water cannon to disperse around 200 protesters holding pictures of jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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