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Condolences to Bahauddin Nashim

by Afonso
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The election investigation committee has condemned the Awami League nominated candidate AFM Bahauddin Nashim for violating the code of conduct. Dhaka-8 Constituency Election Investigation Officer and Joint District Judge Moshammat Ichrat Jahan Nasreen condoled this on Saturday.

Shokje was quoted by the media as saying that on December 7, you had an exchange of views with the local people of Shantinagar, Shahjahanpur and Arambagh in the capital. At this time you go to these areas with the party leaders and workers and visit the local election offices. Then there is a huge crowd and you campaign for the boat, which is considered pre-election malpractice. The news was published in various newspapers and online portals. After the news was published, the matter came to the notice of the committee and after analyzing the information of the news, the investigation committee found the truth of pre-election irregularities.

Numerous posters and banners of the boat symbol have been put up at various places in Constituency-181 around the meeting. Apart from this, during the search, it is also seen that in Constituency-181 Shahbagh Mor in front of Museum, Nayapaltan Calvert Road in front of Rupayan Tower, Mouchak Mor under flyover, Malibagh Mor, Shantinagar Mor, Dainik Banglar Mor, Amtala Mor, Shahjahanpur intersection your name, picture and Huge colorful banners, billboards using the boat symbol have been put up, which are attached to electric poles, pillars, footover bridges and pillars of Metrorail. This activity has been considered as pre-election irregularities.

It is further noted that you have violated Rule 12 and Rule 7(1) (a), (b) of the National Assembly Election Conduct Rules-2008 through such activities. According to the said rules, no election campaign can be started before three weeks of the day fixed for polling. Why should the matter not be sent to the Election Commission in order to take necessary measures in this regard, appear at the committee’s office, Judge (Joint District Judge) Finance Debt Court Number-4, Dhaka in person or through a representative nominated by you, by 3:00 p.m. next Sunday (December 10) Ordered to give written explanation.


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