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Complaints of beating sailors by stopping the unloading of goods on the ship

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The Inland Vessel Owners Association of Chittagong (IVOAC) has complained of arresting ships and stopping the release of goods, beating of sailors and extortion. The leaders of IVOAC have alleged that these incidents are happening at the instigation of Bangladesh Cargo Vessel Owners Association (BCVOA).

They made these allegations at a press conference in Chittagong on Thursday afternoon.

Spokesperson of IVOCA, Pervez Ahmed, said that last week, the alliance of lighter ship owners left the WTC and started giving serials separately. In this regard, on December 24 last, in the meeting of the Directorate of Shipping, it was decided to keep this serial issue in force. But Bisivoa is now attacking various lighter ships in force. As a result, an attack was carried out on a lighter ship at Shah Cement Ghat in Narayanganj on Wednesday. At least four sailors were injured.

Ivoak strongly demanded the administration to catch these attackers. Otherwise, the organization also fears that there will be a big chaos in the shipping sector.

It is to be noted that the alliance of lighter ship owners transports goods according to the demand of WTC agents in the country by sea. Recently Ivovac withdrew their name from this WTC. Then they themselves started shipping the goods to the agents separately. This revealed the conflict between the two main members of this alliance, Bisivoa and Ivoak.


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