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Comilla is the moon of safety

Comilla is the moon of safety

Voting for the 12th National Assembly election was held on January 7. Comilla city has been surrounded by security around the polling. This time 93 candidates of 11 constituencies are competing in the polling field. This important region in the south of the country has 11 parliamentary seats with 17 upazilas, 18 police stations.

The District Returning Officer and the District Superintendent of Police have claimed that the district has been covered with security in a planned manner to make the election fair and impartial.

Regarding security, Superintendent of Police Abdul Mannan said, ‘Police has covered Comilla with security. We will have regular police as well as intelligence teams. More than 300 detectives of DB, DSB, petrol team, police are engaged in mobile duty, center based duty, stand by duty.

District Returning Officer Khandkar Mu. Mushfiqur Rahman said, ‘Whenever a candidate complains, we take action. No one has the right to obstruct a fair election. Sufficient magistrates, army, RAB, police and election monitoring agencies are working in the field.

According to the sources of the district returning officer’s office, the number of voters in 11 constituencies is 46 lakh six thousand 196. Among them 23 lakh 64 thousand 264 male voters, 22 lakh 39 thousand 906 female voters, 24 third gender voters.

This district has one city corporation, eight municipalities and 193 unions. The total number of polling stations is one thousand 435. The number of polling booths is nine thousand 388, the number of temporary polling booths is 412.

According to the sources of the district returning officer’s office, 500 general centres, 564 vulnerable and 371 high-risk centers have been identified in the 11 constituencies of the district. However, the district police has kept an eye on the dangerous centers as important centers.

1 thousand 435 presiding officers and 9 thousand 300 assistant presiding officers and 18 thousand 600 polling officers have been appointed in these centers.

682 BGB personnel have been deployed in 32 platoons for the security of these centers. RAB 180 and additional 50 will be deployed. A total of 17 thousand 540 Ansar battalion members have been deployed along with the railway line. Also more than 4000 policemen are working in the field. 105 patrolling teams are patrolling the important areas of the district. Meanwhile, 33 infantry units of the army have been deployed in Comilla like the rest of the country since December 3. 28 Executives and additional 27 Executive Magistrates have been appointed. 25 judicial magistrates have been appointed.

Senior District Election Officer of Comilla. Munir Hossain Khan said that the process of sending police and Ansar members to the center along with polling equipment will start from Friday. The ballot will go to the center on the morning of the polling day.