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Color on the stump for gays but ICC objects to Palestine

by Afonso
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ICC finds objection to Australian opener Usman Khawaja’s efforts on Palestine-issue. However, the legendary Michael Holding is not surprised by the behavior of the International Cricket Council. Rather, he would have been surprised if the ICC had not been hypocritical.

Before the Perth Test, Khawaja wrote a special message on his shoes in support of the Palestinian casualties in training, and he was supposed to play in the same shoes in the match. But because of the ICC’s objection to the writing and message on the shoe, he did not wear the shoe again in that test. However, Khawaja came down wearing a black brace on his arm. But the ICC has charged the Pakistan-born opener with breaking the law without taking permission.

Former West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding has accused the ICC in this incident. He said that he found hypocrisy and lack of ethics in the ICC in this incident. “I’ve been following the Khaja controversy and I can’t say I’m surprised at the ICC’s position,” Holding told the Weekend Australian. If other organizations have shown consistency in their behavior and attitude on various issues, I can say that I am surprised. But no one did that. Once again they have shown their hypocrisy and moral weakness as an organization.’

By citing the Black Lives Matters movement, Holding exposed the hypocrisy of the ICC. The ICC also contributed to the movement that took place around the world after the death of a black man by police brutality in the United States. A pre-match kneeling rule was also introduced.

Argument of holding, if the ICC can support the issue, why are they looking for politics in the Palestine issue? ICC rules state that “they do not allow messages of political, religious or racist conduct”. So how did people kneel during Black Lives Matter? Why is the stump colored (rainbow) for homosexuals?’

Even after the Perth Test, Khawaja did not give up. The Boxing Day Test will start tomorrow in Melbourne, and Khawaja wanted to go down in the second Test of the series against Pakistan with a picture of a dove symbol of peace on his bat and shoes. He wanted to come down with a sticker saying Zero One: UDHR (referring to the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Khawaja did not make a mistake this time. He has informed the ICC in advance. But ICC does not agree with this request of the Australian opener. They told Khawaja that they cannot come down with a bat or shoes with a picture of a pigeon on it.


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