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Cold-related diseases are increasing with the severity of winter

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Cold-related diseases are increasing at a great rate with the severity of winter. Relatives are flocking to the hospital with children sick with diarrhea, breathing problems or pneumonia. Doctors are advising children and the elderly to take extra care without panicking.

On the surface, it can be seen that 91 people are admitted in the diarrhea ward of Tangail General Hospital against 12 seats. Most of them are children. Many have been placed on the hospital floor without a bed. Medical services are going on there.

Relatives of the patients who came to the hospital for treatment say that it is very difficult to stay on the hospital floor due to extreme cold. Children are getting sicker due to cold air.

Hospital authorities say that the number of cold-related patients is increasing. The number of patients has increased several times in the last few days. Khandaker Sadiqur Rahman, deputy director of Tangail General Hospital, said that in case of cold problem, care should be taken at home as much as possible, in case of diarrhea, saline should be given. However, in case of vomiting, doctors should be consulted. Only then will the patient’s pressure in the hospital be reduced.

Same situation in Gopalganj Sheikh Saira Khatun Medical College Hospital. Only in the month of January, more than 500 patients were treated in the hospital due to cold-related diseases. Most of them are children.

Gopalganj Sheikh Saira Khatun Medical College Hospital Deputy Director Dr. Niaz Mohammad said that the number of children with fever-cold-cough outside the hospital is high. But the parents are aware that there is not much patient pressure in indoor.

Meanwhile, an average of 250 patients are receiving services in the 70-bed children’s ward of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital.


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