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Coach banned for pushing footballer

by Afonso
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Unpleasant incidents on the football field are nothing new. It is often seen that there is a collision between the players of the two teams on the field. This time, the Bundesliga has joined the discussion. Union Berlin took on Bayern Munich in the German domestic league on Wednesday night. Berlin coach Nenad Bialicha saw a direct red card for pushing Leroy Sane in this match. This time, the 52-year-old Croatian football manager has been banned for three matches.

On Wednesday night, 74 matches were played at the Allianz Arena, Bayern’s home ground. Berlin was already behind by 1 goal. Hosts Bayern get a throw-in courtesy of Berlin left-back Jerome Rulisle. Leroy Sane stepped forward to throw in.

But the problem was, the ball was in the designated area of ​​Berlin coach Bialić. Sane was on his way to get the ball. But Bialicha picked up the ball and threw it to the other side. Bialicha became angry when Sane reached out to retrieve the ball. Bayern hit the left winger’s cheek with his hand. Bialicha did the same thing not once, but twice in a row.

The Berlin coach sees a direct red card in such an unpleasant incident. A bigger punishment awaits Bialich, it was to be expected. The German Football Federation has banned Bialich for three matches, citing ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour’. He was also fined 25,000 euros.

However, after the match, Bialicha apologized for such an incident. He then said, ‘Sane came into my zone and pushed me. So I reacted that way. What I did, I shouldn’t have done. I deserved the red card.’ The 52-year-old coach did not even apologize.

Bialicha took charge of Berlin last November. Berlin have won only two of the seven matches played under him so far. The team that was fourth last time is at number 15 in the points list this time.


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