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Clove Latika Pie

by Afonso
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Winter means cake season. At this time in the village, all the interesting home-made pithas. But it is not seen much in urban life. He gave such a recipe from the collection of native cakes Tasmia Tabassum. You can make this pitha at home.

whatever it takes
Flour 2 cups, rice powder ½ cup, coconut husk 2 cups, ghee 2 tbsp, sugar to taste, cinnamon 1 piece, cardamom 1, cloves as needed, little salt, hot water ½ cup and oil as needed (for frying).

How to make pita
First, heat ghee in a pan and lightly fry cinnamon and cardamom. Now stir in grated coconut, sugar and salt on medium flame. When the coconut is smooth, remove it. Mix flour, rice powder, ghee and salt well in a bowl. It should be rubbed slowly with hot water. When the yeast is ready, divide it into small pieces and roll it like bread. Use a knife to cut around the bread and make equal squares. Put some coconut mixture in the center of the bread and fold each corner of the bread from the sides and stick a clove in the middle. Heat oil in a pan and fry pita one by one. If it turns dark brown in color, take it down and drain the extra oil and serve.


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