Home News Clash between two sides over dominance in Faridpur, 10 injured

Clash between two sides over dominance in Faridpur, 10 injured

Clash between two sides over dominance in Faridpur, 10 injured

A clash between two groups of villagers took place in Faridpur Bhanga over dominance. 10 people including women were injured in this incident. The incident took place in Barra and Fukurhati villages of Nurullaganj Union of Bhanga Upazila last Friday night.

Among the injured in this incident – Morjina Begum, Rehana Begum, Munni Akhtar and Alamin Mir (22) have been admitted to Sadarpur Hospital.

According to police and local sources, a fair was being organized on the occasion of the 127th Shah Sufi Hazrat Rahman Fakir in Barra village of Nurullaganj Union. At the fair, Alamin and Munna of Barra village quarreled with Ratan, son of Nuru Khan of Fukurhati village. Based on this incident, the people of Alamin’s group came to Orsh Mubarak’s place with local weapons. Then the people of Fukurhati village who came to the fair chased them with native weapons. At this time 7-8 houses were vandalized.

On receiving the information, Bhanga police station visited the spot on Friday night and calmed down the situation. Police were deployed in the area on Saturday to keep the situation calm.

In this regard, the organizing secretary of Awami League of Nurullaganj Union and Alamin of Barra village said that they have selected Kazi Zafarullah’s boat in the parliamentary elections. And Ratan and Jewel Nixon of Fukurhati village chose Chowdhury’s eagle symbol. They attacked us because we lost the election.

Tariqul Islam Tarek, the former chairman of the local Nurullaganj Union, said that a fair is organized every year on the occasion of Rahman Shah’s death in Barra Bazaar. At the fair, Ratan Khan, son of Nuru Khan of the neighboring Pukurhati village, quarreled with Alamin and Munna of Barra village.

Bhanga Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mamunur Rashid said that there was a fight between the two parties over the spread of dominance. A few houses were vandalized. Legal action will be taken subject to investigation.