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Cinema poster artist Sai Shoaib is no more

Cinema poster artist Sai Shoaib is no more

In the nineties, huge hand-painted canvases adorned cinema halls or billboards. Where the figure of the hero-heroine was painted in bright colors, the cruel expression of the villain. Other performers were also in different poses. And it doesn’t matter how many people were serious about watching the movie after seeing that banner. Mohammad Shoaib is one of the artists who painted such banners for movies. Who is better known as Shoaib Ustad. On Sunday (March 17), the legendary painter fell to his death while painting. He was 69 years old at the time of his death.

Independent Digital. Acclaimed actor Litu Anam confirmed Shoaib’s death. He said, ‘Shoaib Bhai suddenly fell unconscious while drawing pictures. Then when he was brought to Dhaka Medical on an emergency basis, the doctor on duty declared him dead.

Litu Anam also said that he was painting several portraits. Shoaib He sat down to draw them on Sunday afternoon. But suddenly fell unconscious on the floor. After that two boys and girls rushed him to the hospital. But he could not be saved. However, the actor is not aware that Shoaib died of heart attack or stroke.

Actor Ferdous with Mohammad Shoaib.  Photo: Collected

From Razzak, Kabri, Sohail Rana, Alamgir to Babita, Jasim, Manna, Shakib – Shoaib has painted the banners of popular movies of all the famous stars. He recently painted the banner of the film ‘1971 Se Sab Din’ directed by Hridi Haque starring Leetu Anam. Not only in the country, but his paintings have been exhibited in various international festivals.

Mohammad Shoaib was born in 1955. His family consisted of two sons and daughters in Adabar of Mohammadpur of the capital. After the death of his wife, his children took care of him.

Shoaib's paintings are exhibited at the 'Palais de Tokyo' studio in Paris.  Photo: Collected

Incidentally, once upon a time, every cinema hall used to paint wall paintings with movie characters and special scenes. Pital Ramsur and some others are famous as artists of that image. After the Partition in 1947, the artists who came to this country to paint movie wall paintings started the trend of banner painting. As such, this type of painting lasted from the fifties to the mid-2000s. At that time, he became known throughout the country by painting the banner of the movie. Shoaib