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Chuadanga is again below 10 degrees

by Afonso
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After a break of two days, cold weather has started again in Chuadanga. Chuadanga recorded the minimum temperature of 9.8 degrees Celsius at 9 am today on Wednesday. Dense fog is seen since morning.

Meanwhile, due to severe winter, people are going out less. The streets were empty. Workers are also leaving the house late.

On the surface, various areas of the city can be seen, the rickshaw and van drivers of the city have suffered in severe winter. Even though they go outside despite the cold, they are not getting enough passengers. As a result, their earnings have decreased during the winter.

On the other hand, the hot clothing shops on the sidewalk continued to be crowded. People of different classes and professions were seen buying warm clothes from pavement shops.

Chuadanga Meteorological Office observer Tahmina Nacharin said the temperature is below 10 degrees. A mild cold current is blowing in this area. The temperature was above 10 degrees for two days on Monday and Tuesday. Now it has decreased again. During this season, last Friday, Saturday and Sunday also there was mild cold flow in Chuadanga. Along with low temperatures, rain is also forecast.


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