Home News Chowdhury Saheb has a lot of money but no heart: Mahia Mahi

Chowdhury Saheb has a lot of money but no heart: Mahia Mahi

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Actress Mahia Mahi is an independent candidate with the truck symbol in Rajshahi-1 seat in the upcoming national elections. He has already entered the field in the election campaign. Mahi gave a video message on Thursday (December 21) night. Where the competing candidate criticized Awami League nominee Omar Farooq Chowdhury without mentioning his name.

Addressing the voters of his constituency Tanor-Godagari, Mahia Mahi said, “You should not be afraid of some statements of some people. In the upcoming elections, on the 7th, everyone will dress up in groups and go to the polling station like a festival, and cast your vote yourself. Scary as you wish! Because, some people know how unpopular they are in this Tanor-Godagari. I’m sure if someone from Dhaka or any other district—if a person comes to this area and asks even a crow-bird, ‘Well, how popular is the person who was in power here?’ I think he will say, ‘There is no more unpopular person in this area than him.’ Strangely enough, a walking lion does not frighten people as much as people do when they see it. So I felt it was my duty to save the people of Tanor-Godagari from such a fearsome man, to protect them.”

Earlier on Thursday (December 21) evening while addressing a road meeting of Panchandar Union in Tanore, Mahi said, ‘We are hardworking people. We are much stronger than you. Because, common people live with hardworking people. Mr. Chowdhury may have a lot of money, but he has no mind, no heart. He does not know how to love people. He cannot sit and have tea with you in the tong shop. Because he has a lot of money. He will sit in AC room. And will rule, intimidate and exploit people.’

Awami League’s cultural organization Bangabandhu Cultural Jot Central Committee Joint General Secretary Mahia Mahi. However, without getting nomination from the party, he was a candidate for the election as an independent.

In the video message, Mahi also said, ‘What did the Center say about independent candidates? Awami League General Secretary Quader Sir said that if any leader or activist wants to work for independent candidates, then he can work, it is their wish. Our central leaders are very humane. But they rule people like this, not like this ruler. They are saying that the election will be festive and competitive. The voter will go to vote for whoever he wants.’


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