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Chittagong Customs has collected record revenue in 2023

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Chittagong Customs House has collected record revenue in 2023 amidst various problems with Russia-Ukraine war as well as Middle East crisis, dollar and bonds. The authorities say that despite the crisis, they have emphasized on resolving old disputes through timely measures. So revenue collection increased.

In the recently concluded year, the importers could not import products as per demand due to dollar shortage. Especially the import of luxury goods was stricter. However, from May, the revenue collection speeded up. This upward momentum was maintained till the end of the year.

In contrast to 62 thousand 46 crores of revenue in 2022, the revenue collection in 2023 is 64 thousand 616 crores of taka. The growth in revenue collection has stood at 4.14 percent. The authorities say that this time they have emphasized on revenue collection by settling many old disputes.

Badruzzaman Munshi, Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong Customs House, told Independent Television, ‘The issue of customs tax evasion has been curbed and the revenue income has increased by collecting the arrears of the previous year. Besides, the Chittagong Customs Authority has been able to collect additional revenue according to the judgments obtained from the court in favor of the government, thus the revenue income has increased.

Businessmen say that once full-fledged digital services are launched, revenue collection will increase. Besides, Bangladesh Bank and related ministries should be more sincere in providing dollars and opening letters of credit.

General Secretary of C&F Agents Association of Chittagong Kazi Mahmud Imam Bilu said that 5 to 10 percent of the exam is supposed to be done, but there is 30 to 35 percent. These are due to customs delays. The longer the taxation is delayed, the more the revenue collection will be delayed. Customs authorities should take measures to avoid delay in inspection.

92% of the import and export of the country is through Chittagong port. Most of which are cleared at Chittagong Customs House.


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