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Chinese balloons at an airport in Taiwan ahead of the election

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And ten days later Taiwan’s vote will be held. Chinese President Xi Jinping also said in his New Year message that Taiwan will “definitely unite with China”. In such a situation, the Ministry of Defense of Taipei reported that three Chinese balloons were detected at the important airport in Taiwan. The ministry said this on Wednesday.

An image released by the ministry showed four Chinese balloons were detected on the median line separating Taiwan from China. Three of these balloons were seen flying over Taiwan’s Ching Chuan Kang Military Air Base. The lowest altitude of one of them was 12 thousand feet.

Taiwan is scheduled to vote on January 13. Taipei said it had seen Chinese balloons for the first time since December. They have revealed six cases so far.

Taipei’s Ministry of Defense said the nature, height and potential danger of the balloons will be closely monitored and appropriate measures will be taken.

Ou Sifu, an expert at Taiwan’s Institute of National Defense and Security Research, said the balloons were deployed for military intimidation and psychological warfare.

How Taiwan’s relationship with China is going to be for the next four years will be determined by the election on January 13. Keeping the election in mind, China has strengthened its military presence around the Taiwan Strait.

The US military shot down a balloon it detected in its airspace in February last year, calling it a Chinese spy balloon. Beijing said the balloon was a weather observation instrument. However, the United States claimed that the balloon was sent by China for surveillance.

Although Taiwan has declared itself an independent country, China does not accept their claim. Rather, they see Taiwan as a breakaway part of themselves, which must one day be reunited. For this reason, China has threatened to use force if necessary.


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