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China pressures Iran to control Houthi attacks in the Red Sea

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The recent Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea have increased the cost of commercial shipping. Therefore, China said to help Iran to control the Houthi attack on the ship. Chinese officials have warned that trade relations between Beijing and Tehran will deteriorate if Houthi attacks are not controlled.

This was reported in a report by the Reuters news agency, citing four Iranian sources and a diplomat involved in the matter.

Iranian sources said China and Iran have held several recent meetings in Beijing and Tehran to discuss strikes and trade. However, they did not give details about when and who participated in these meetings.

According to four Iranian sources, Chinese officials did not make any specific comments on how Beijing’s trade relations with Iran could be affected if Beijing’s interests were damaged by the Houthi attack.

Commercial ships are entering Europe from China via Asia due to Houthi attacks in the Mediterranean. As a result, the cost is increasing. China is concerned about this.

An Iranian official, who did not want to be named, told Reuters that basically China’s comment is that if their interests are harmed in any way, it will affect their business with Tehran. So they asked Iran to show restraint on the Houthis.

It should be noted that although China-Iran has been the largest trading partner for the past decade, their trade relationship is one-way. For example, Chinese refiners bought more than 90 percent of Iran’s crude exports last year, according to tanker tracking data from trade analytics firm Kepler. Because US sanctions kept many other customers away and Chinese firms benefited from large discounts.


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