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China-Pakistan’s eyes on Ladakh by increasing violence in Kashmir!

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Terrorists recently attacked the Indian Army in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. 5 soldiers were also reported killed in their firing. The Indian military claimed that the attack was carried out by Pakistani terrorists. Now it is known that Pakistan and China jointly carried out this violent attack in Kashmir to remove the Indian army from Ladakh.

According to some sources, the Indian media India Today says that by carrying out this attack in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir, Islamabad and Beijing want to create an unstable situation in this area again. And in this way, if the Indians can create ruckus on this border, then India can withdraw the army from Ladakh – violence from this idea.

Sources say that Pakistan has already sent at least 30 terrorists to the jungles of Poonch area of ​​Kashmir. Indian troops have been instructed to attack on sight.

After the Galwan Valley conflict in 2020, India has increased its troops along the border. China is not going to be happy about the increase in troops in Ladakh. Since then, Beijing was trying to take these Ladakh soldiers to Kashmir. This time, India is complaining that Pakistan is helping in this.

The most talked about is the members of the force called Rashtriya Rifles of India. After the 2020 incident, the force’s troops were shifted from Poonch to Ladakh, which is believed to be a headache for China.

India’s defense expert Manoj Kumar said the current situation in Poonch-Rajouree is reminiscent of the 2003 Operation Sarp destruction. At that time too, terrorists attacked in this way. At that time 15 thousand soldiers were deployed there. 65 terrorists died.

After the conflict in Poonch, the Indian military has already sent additional troops there. India has claimed 20 terrorists killed so far. Apart from this, the Indian military has also kept in mind the issues of China and Pakistan. This is what Ajay Kotial, a former front-line officer of the army, said.


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