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China occupied the village of Bhutan?

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Bhutan has been negotiating the unresolved border area with China for years. Recently, it is believed that much progress has been made in this discussion. However, within the discussion, China has started building its own facilities in these areas. Recently released satellite images show traces of the facility.

Several Indian media including India Today, Hindustan Times have added this satellite image and published a report on it. These reports claim that in 2021, China has built more facilities than those in these areas. Most of these installations are houses and military bases.

Hindustan Times, an Indian media outlet, says that no structures are allowed to be built in Bhutanese villages like this. But China is ignoring that permission. And this has led to renewed tensions between Beijing, Thimphu and New Delhi.

The image shows Chinese settlements growing in the unsettled area near the Jakarlang Valley in northern Bhutan. Among them, 128 buildings are being constructed in one place and 62 buildings in another place. This area is not far from Arunachal Pradesh border, just 50 km away.

Although there is this dispute over the western border area, this time China is looking at the northern area. These pictures were taken by satellite last September. It is believed that the discussion on the border will go to China in this area. That is why the country has started building facilities here earlier.

Indian media India Today says that China can take possession of Menchuma Valley in addition to Jakarlang Valley. After 2015, the country is carrying out excavations in these areas one after another. And Bhutan cannot say anything to China about this.

Doklam is a narrow plateau located on the border of three countries – India, Bhutan and China. India and Bhutan claim that the plateau is part of Bhutan. There was no dispute over this region before 1962. But since the 1962 Indo-China war, China has been claiming that Doklam is their territory.

China did not stop at just making demands. In 2017, construction of a road started in this area. It was then that members of the Royal Bhutan Army intercepted the Chinese forces. Two days later, responding to Bhutan’s request, Indian forces arrived there with weapons and bulldozers.

This dispute between Bhutan and India was going on with China over Doklam for several months. Nikkei, a Tokyo-based media outlet, said the dispute lasted for 73 days. Later the conflict stopped but the silent conflict continued. In 2021, China and Bhutan restarted border negotiations.

If these talks go against India, the country’s strategy may suffer. BBC says, India will be in a lot of trouble if Bhutan hands over this Doklam to China to establish diplomatic relations. Because any kind of Chinese intervention in Doklam will lead to a crisis in communication with the rest of North East India. The Chinese forces will come very close to the region called ‘Siliguri Corridor’ or ‘Chicken Neck’ in this area.


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