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China is building a city in Bhutan, under pressure from India!

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Satellite images are pouring in, and doubts about the border are growing. These pictures taken after a few months show that China is building facilities in the unsettled area with Bhutan. This time, traces of the construction of a Chinese city have been found in Beul Khenpajong area. Indian media NDTV says that India may be under a lot of pressure.

The pictures were taken a month ago. More than two hundred Chinese buildings were seen in these pictures in a river basin in the northeastern part of Bhutan. The Biul Khenpajong area holds many of Bhutan’s traditions. Once the royal family of Bhutan lived here. NDTV says that China has built more than two hundred buildings here.

8 million people live in Bhutan. This country occupies a quarter of the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia’s capital, Delhi. This small country can do nothing but watch and watch. China is building facilities not only in the northern region, but also in the western and southwestern regions.

Professor Robert Bernat of the University of London said that China has started to take possession of these areas by building one after another. And many traditions of Bhutan are disappearing. The country has nothing to do.

Regarding this, Major General Vetsop Namgyel (retd), Bhutan’s ambassador to India, said that there is no opportunity to comment on the matter. As it is being discussed.

Bhutan has been negotiating the unresolved border area with China for years. Recently, it is believed that much progress has been made in this discussion. However, within the discussion, China has started building its own facilities in these areas. Earlier published satellite images showed traces of the facility.

Several Indian media including India Today, Hindustan Times published reports on this by adding this satellite image. These reports claim that in 2021, China has built more facilities than those in these areas. Most of these installations are houses and military bases.

For several months, this dispute between Bhutan and India over the Doklam area was going on with China. Nikkei, a Tokyo-based media outlet, said the dispute lasted for 73 days. Later the conflict stopped but the silent conflict continued. In 2021, China and Bhutan restarted border negotiations.

If these talks go against India, the country’s strategy may suffer. BBC says, India will be in a lot of trouble if Bhutan hands over this Doklam to China to establish diplomatic relations. Because any kind of Chinese intervention in Doklam will lead to a crisis in communication with the rest of North East India. The Chinese forces will come very close to the region called ‘Siliguri Corridor’ or ‘Chicken Neck’ in this area.


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