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Child immersed in Ganges to cure cancer, dies on the spot

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A child suffering from blood cancer was immersed in the Ganga to cure the disease. However, the child did not return home free of the disease. He drowned in the Ganges. Such an incident happened last Wednesday in Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

According to the report of the Indian media NDTV, the child was drowned repeatedly by his family in the terrible cold of Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, this is the reason why the five-year-old child died.

It is known that the dead child’s house is in Delhi. He has been suffering from cancer since childhood. In the last few days his condition deteriorated. So his parents took him to Haridwar on Wednesday to cure the child’s cancer in a ‘miraculous’ way. Parents were accompanied by other family members. They took the child to Har Ki Pauri Ghat in Haridwar. There he died of suffocation due to repeatedly immersing the sick child in the Ganga. Later the child was rescued by the locals and taken to the district hospital where the doctors declared him dead. After receiving the information, the police reached the spot and recovered the body of the child. The child’s body has already been sent for post-mortem.

A video of the entire incident has already surfaced. In the video, the child’s mother is sitting next to the dead body. The woman was heard laughing and saying, ‘This time my child will stand up. I know it will stand up right.’

Haridwar SP Swadhani Kumar Singh said that the child’s parents were undergoing cancer treatment. But recently the doctors said that the child has little hope of survival. After this, the couple decided to take their son to Haridwar for a miraculous recovery. Police have registered a case regarding the child’s death. An investigation has been started to look into the whole matter in detail.


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