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Child dies in firework-lantern, fire service recalls

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Every year, the Thirty First Night, or the last date of the English year, is celebrated with fireworks and lanterns. Fires often occur during this time. The Fire Service and Civil Defense have urged people not to set off fireworks and light lanterns to remind them of past accidents.

Director General Brigadier General said this through a press release sent from the Fire Service’s media cell on Sunday. Mine Uddin

According to the information of the past accidents, the fire service said that on the Thirty First Night of 2022, there were about 100 fire incidents due to fireworks and flying lanterns. It caused a loss of approximately 19 lakh 75 thousand taka. In 2021, 16 fires caused damage of around 4 lakh 5 thousand rupees due to bursting of firecrackers and flying lanterns and a child named Tanzim Umayer alias Mahmudul Hasan died due to the loud sound of firecrackers.

In 2020, 50 fires caused a loss of around 14 lakh 35 thousand taka, in 2019 72 fires around 14 lakh 47 thousand taka and in 2018 42 fires caused a loss of around 56 lakh 6 thousand taka. By participating in these fires, the fire service recovered assets worth Tk 3 crore 69 lakh 95 thousand.

The fire service has already shared leaflets and video clips on its official Facebook page and YouTube to raise awareness. At the same time, fire stations in Dhaka have been kept on alert. They are on alert to respond quickly to any accident related to this.


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