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Chief Whip Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury calls Kazi Zafarullah a ‘Pakistani agent’

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Jatiya Sangsad Chief Whip Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury said that Awami League nominated candidate for Faridpur-4 constituency Kazi Zafarullah is a Pakistani agent, he has no right to do politics. He said these things in an election public meeting on Thursday at J.K Government Primary School ground of Charjanajat Union of Madaripur-1 (Shivachar) Constituency.

Referring to Kazi Zafarullah as ‘Haruullah’ in the public meeting, Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury said in his speech, ‘He (Zafarullah) comes in a helicopter and does not talk about his area, he talks about Shivchar. But from such a big post (of Awami League), he doesn’t even know that the election of Shivchar’s Union Parishad was open, it will be through competition. He doesn’t seem to know this either. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given him the responsibility for the election, he is also a boat candidate and I am also a boat candidate. He will speak for me as a boat candidate, instead speaking against me to spoil votes. He is trying to lose my vote even if he loses. It is a conspiracy.’

Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury said about the strength of the side of the liberation war, ‘The strength of the side of the liberation war is the strength of the freedom fighter. My father led the liberation war, Mujib was the treasurer of the army. Received Freedom Award. Everyone knows that. I am the child of a freedom fighter. I also visited India with my family as a child. Where did he (Zafar Ullah) go? Where was he? Where is his address? Tell me this.’

About asking for votes, Whip said, ‘I saw on television that people are now apologizing for voting with folded hands, begging for votes. Why apologize for voting? Why beg? If I work, put people in danger, people will vote for me even if I don’t come.’

Addressing Zafarullah, Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury said, ‘He has not worked, he has not developed, he is cheating, so now he is begging for votes, mercy and forgiveness. And word by word, his father is doing this, his father is doing that. Hey! Dad is doing it, you were MP, your wife was MP, what are you doing? How about yourself? He walked in the name of the father a few times, and how many times will he walk in the name of the father? Now stand on your feet. In fact, my understanding about him (Zafar Ullah) is that this Haru is a Pakistani agent. He has no right to do politics in Bangladesh. Whenever these Pakistanis get a chance, they will try to harm the forces of the liberation war like they killed Bangabandhu. So we have to say no to Pakistani agents. They cannot have any right to do politics in this country.’

At this time, Noor-e Alam Chowdhury wants to vote in the boat to pay off Sheikh Hasina’s debt with everyone in the next election and turn the wheel of the fate of the people of this country.

Madaripur Zilla Parishad Chairman Munir Chowdhury and local Awami League leader – Karimela were also present in the public meeting. On this day, the Chief Whip conducted public relations and public meetings at various places of Charjanajat and Madbarchar Union of Padmar Char area.

It is to be noted that Noor-e-Alam Chowdhury is the elder brother of independent candidate Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury Nixon from Faridpur-4 constituency (Bhanga, Sadarpur and Charbhadrasan) in Shibchar Upazila.


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